1. Partner with Us

In a climate of rapid change, it is often easy to lose sight of organizational goals and become entangled in the overwhelming issues involved with the implementation of new technologies. Integration of computer systems, database management tools, legacy systems, enterprise applications, and network configurations, along with a host of other issues, require significant investments of time and expertise, which are typically unavailable during an initial implementation.

2. Experience Matters

With more than 20 years of experience, ZOHL brings knowledge and expertise required to solve the complex issues surrounding systems integration. With a solutions oriented approach, ZOHL works to provide clients with results, not simply technologies. From initial planning through implementation, ZOHL focuses on long-term systems, applications, network, and database requirements, identifies solutions which provide scalability and work to implement technologies within the frame work of the existing environments.

3. Choice is Yours

Whether implementing a new technology such as Windows-based or Cloud-based solutions, developing Client Server applications on existing systems or expanding your current network to include remote locations, ZOHL can provide experienced personnel and the technical expertise required to develop practical solutions.